Male Black Cross


April 10, 2016

Raisers: Candie, Jillian, & Shirin

Marv was Candie's 35th & Jillian and Shirin's 3rd puppy. 

​Placed by his raisers; living in Fresno

Far-Sighted Puppies with a Plan


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If you would like to donate directly to PWAP click here and follow the steps. Donations made to PWAP are greatly appreciated and will help our raisers socialize our puppies in different environments.

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Emily & Meghan picked up KINDRED, a female black lab 17 week old transfer. She was born on April 14, 2017 to Farmer/Dynasty! 

DAYLA is on the August recall and will be returning to San Rafael to begin breeder evals on August 13th. Congratulations to Emily & Meghan for raising another awesome puppy!

We welcomed raisers Mason and Jordan on June 1, 2017! Both are from Lemoore FFA and will attend Fresno State next year as Freshmen. Mason is raising JUDO, a male black lab, and Jordan is raising GRETZKY, a male yellow lab.







Puppies come to their puppy raisers between 8-10 weeks old and stay with them until they are approx. 16 months old at which point they are "recalled" to GDB for formal training.

In that time with their raiser, the puppy will learn to be comfortable in many different environments and are taught basic house manners and obedience.

Puppies accompany their raisers practically everywhere including work, school, stores, restaurants, public transportation, and more!

About Puppy Raising


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We are a group of volunteers in the Fresno and Madera Counties who raise puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. 

We meet 3 Tuesdays a month to socialize our puppies and work on their obedience. 

New members who are looking to puppy raise or volunteer for Guide Dogs for the Blind are always welcome. If you'd like to attend one of our meetings please email us at or if you'd like to learn more about Guide Dogs for the Blind or find a puppy raising group in your area visit GDB's website at