Male Black Cross


April 10, 2016

Raisers: Candie, Jillian, & Shirin

Marv was Candie's 35th & Jillian and Shirin's 3rd puppy. 

​Placed by his raisers; living in Fresno

Far-Sighted Puppies with a Plan


Male Black Lab


March 28, 2016

Raisers: Nita & Kolby

Tank was Nita's 5th and Kolby's 3rd puppy. He returned for Breeder Evals on June 21, 2017!


Male Black Lab


October 2, 2015

Raisers: Emily & Meghan

Rampart was Emily's 17th and Meghan's 14th. He went into formal training on April 15, 2017!

In Phase 5 as of August 10, 2017! 

In Breeder Phase "T" as of July 13, 2017! 


Female Black Lab


May 17, 2016

Raisers: Emily & Meghan

Dayka was Emily's 15th and Meghan's 12th. She returned for Breeder Evlas on August 13, 2017!

In Phase 8 as of May 4, 2017!

In Phase 2 as of August 10, 2017!

In Phase 8 as of June 22, 2017!

In Breeder Phase...


Male Yellow Lab


March 25, 2016

Raisers: Mary & Brenna

Squire was Mary's 21st & Brenna 15th puppy. He returned for formal training on June 21, 2017!


Male Yellow Lab


November 19, 2015

Raisers: Amanda & Maribel (Dinuba FFA)

Starter Raiser: Kari (Dinuba FFA)

Ted was Kari's 2nd and Amanda & Maribel's 1st puppy. He returned to San Rafael on February 26, 2017.


Female Yellow Lab


January 23, 2016

Raisers: Dale & Carol and Howard & Sheila

She was Dale & Carol's 3rd puppy and Howard & Sheila's manyith puppy. She returned for breeder evals on May 21, 2017!

In Phase 8 as of July 20, 2017!


Male Black Lab


November 28, 2015

Raisers: Jennifer & Oscar

Starter Raisers: Emily & Meghan

Bear was Emily's 14th, Meghan's 11th, Jennifer's 5th, and Oscar's 1st puppy. He returned for Breeder Evals on March 25, 2017!

Oregon Campus

from recall date

Puppies Currently in Formal Training

The following puppies have returned to GDB for their formal harness training. GDB has campuses located in San Rafael, CA and Boring, OR. When our puppies are recalled, they will return to one of these campuses. There are 8 phases of formal training that the puppy must pass before being considered "class ready." Then it's just a waiting game until the perfect match comes along. Most puppies will enter harness training right away, but some will begin with Breeder Evals where GDB will assess their health and temperament to see if they would make a good addition to their Breeding Colony. Dogs in Breeder Evals will not show up on the phase reports.

California Campus

from recall date