1. Junior (Guide)

2. Lilikoi (Guide)

3. Glow (IFT)

4. Debra (Current PIT)

6. Helper (Current PIT)

1. Ted (Trans./IFT)

13. Giuseppe (Trans./CC'd/PAVE)

14. Bear (starter/IFT)

​15. Dayla (IFT)

16. Brad (starter/PIT)

17. Rampart (trans./IFT)

18. Kindred (trans./Current PIT)

1. Joaquin (CC'd)

1. Darrell (starter/CC'd)
2. ​Swift (CC'd)

Manda & Tanell

1. ​Tina (starter/CC'd)

1. Amici (CC'd)
2. ​Tippin (Trans./Guide/Ret.)


Lara, Sally, & Sergio

1. ​Danvers (Guide)

Mollie & Bob

Currently taking a break from Puppy Raising. Mollie raised her first 6 puppies with the Fresno Far-Sighted club and Bob helped her with her 7th & 8th. 

Puppy Sitters

1. Quinoa (CC'd/D4D)

2. Jackie (Guide/Ret.)

3. Newark (starter/Guide)

Lilly & Cole

Lilly Raised Quinoa, Jackie, and Newark while Cole's 1st puppy was Newark.

Puppy Sitters & Club Volunteers

Elissa's Puppies

1. Raquel (Trans./CC'd)

2. Sugar (starter/Guide)

1. Pioneer (CC'd)

2. Nestle (Guide)

3. Marv (CC'd)

4. Tinsel (Current PIT)

Emily (leader)

Emily joined PWAP from Lemoore where she raised her first two puppies. She co-raises with Meghan.

1. Kendrick (CC'd)

2. Luther (CC'd)

3. Peabody (starter/CC'd)

4. Eli (Guide)

5. Fienna (starter/CC'd)

6. Keno (starter/Breeder)

7. Nedra (Trans./CC'd)

8. Yancey (CC'd)

9. Carly (Guide)

10. Lorrie (CC'd)

Jen, Pete, Neal, Hailey, & Ella

Puppy Sitters

Nancy & Allysa

Candie (Leader)

14. Lance (Guide)

15. Marley (Guide)

16. Samar (Trans./CC'd/Service Dog)

17. Dulcie (Trans./CC'd)

18. Cinnamon (Starter/Guide/K9 Buddy)

19. Channing (Starter/CC'd)

20. Joaquin (CC'd)

21. Squire (IFT)

22. Theodore (Current PIT)

Mary (leader) & Brenna

1. Pandy (CC'd)

2. Debben (Guide)

3. Unice (Breeder)

4. Jamaica (CC'd)

5. Demi (CC'd)

6. Darlene (CC'd)

7. Willette (Guide)

8. Circe (CC'd)

9. Heally (Guide)

10. Lisa (Guide)

11. Heron (Guide)

12. Manda (Guide)

13. Fatima (CC'd)

14. Preesa (Guide)


Meghan joined PWAP in early 2011 and became one of the club's co-leaders in 2013. She is currently raising her 12th, Dayla.


Mary has been the club leader for many years. She is currently raising her 21st puppy Squire and her 22nd puppy Theodore.


After a 3 year retirement PWAP was very excited to welcome Candie back as a leader in 2013. She is currently raising her 26th puppy, Tinsel, with Jillian & Shirin.


Emily joined PWAP in late 2010 with her 3rd puppy Pauli. She became one of our club co-leaders in 2013.  She is currently raising her 15th, Dayla.

Past Puppy Raisers

Below are the names of our past puppy raisers. Below their names you will find names of puppies they have raised with PWAP as well as puppies they have raised in other groups if we are able to provide that information. We hope to see these faces again soon. 

1. Freya (Guide)

2. Rocco (starter/Guide/Ret.)

3. Hilly (Trans./CC'd)

4. Frankie (UK - Guide/Ret.)

5. Dulcie (starter/CC'd)

6. Quinn (UK - Guide)

7. Marco (UK - Guide)

8. Quinoa (CC'd/D4D)

9. Jackie (Guide/Ret.)

​10. Newark (starter/Guide)

​11. Hodges (Guide)


Taking a break from puppy raising.

Club Volunteer

Our Current Puppy Raisers & Volunteers

The following are our current puppy raisers who have puppies in their home or are waiting for their next puppy to arrive. Next to their names you will find a list of all of their puppies. Also below you can find the names of our current club volunteers. You don't have to raise a puppy full time to help out and make a difference. We are always in need of more puppy sitters and club volunteers. Some of our volunteers were once full time raisers and if that is the case you will find a list of their puppies next to their names as well.

1. Genie (Guide)

2. Quinta (CC'd)

3. Yuba (CC'd)

4. Jackie (Guide)

5. Connie (Guide)

6. Lunar (CC'd)

7. Nelson (CC'd)

8. Whatley (CC'd)

9. Spruce (CC'd)

10. Sanders (Guide)

11. Harvard (Guide)

12. Colorado (CC'd)

13. Rocco (starter/Guide/Ret.)

1. Mario (CC'd)

2. Fargo (Guide)

3. Orlando (CC'd)

4. Wrigley (CC'd)

5. Danvers (starter/Guide)

6. Stuart (CC'd)

7. Hank (starter/CC'd)

8. Keno (starter/Breeder) 

9. Harlem (starter/Breeder)

10. Cinnamon (Starter/Guide/K9 Buddy)

Club Leaders

We couldn't function as a group without our wonderful club leaders. They do so much for us and our puppies and really make our group what it is. They are whatever they need to be in order to help our puppies succeed in anything they do.

Our Raisers

Guide Dogs for the Blind simply could not function without their raisers (not to toot our own horn or anything). Without their love and dedication, their puppies would not have such wonderful beginnings to their lives and starts to their future careers. 

Please find below the names of our current and past raisers. Each one, no matter how many puppies they have raised, were essential to Guide Dogs for the Blind's mission and we cannot thank them enough for their effort. Next to each raiser is a list of puppies they have raised. Some of our raisers have gone onto other service dog organizations, came from other puppy groups, or moved to another location and started up with a puppy club there. We have tried to list all of their puppies accurately.

1. Hitchcock (Trans./PIT)


Kerman FFA



Judy joined Far-Sighted Puppies with a plan after a 3 year break. She raised her first 10 puppies with her family as part of the Fresno Far-Sighted group before the merge.

12. Ibiza (trans./CC'd)

13. Evora (CC'd)

14. Flower (Current PIT)

15. Tobias (Current PIT)

Howard & Sheila

Howard & Sheila joined the group as part of the merge between PWAP and Far-Sighted! They raised their first 10 puppies before the merge with their 11th puppy , Glow.

Dale & Carol

Dale & Carol joined the group as part of the merge between PWAP and Far-Sighted!

1. Vector (Transfer/CC'd)

2. Ted (starter/IFT)

3. Gideon (Current PIT)


Taking a break from raising while attending college. 

1. Atlanta (Guide)

2. Ezzie (Guide)

Stan & Guin

Puppy Sitters & Club Volunteers

1. Terrence (starter/CC'd)

2. Fienna (CC'd)

3. Alden (CC'd)

Cassie, Josh, Erin, & Michelle

Currently taking a break from raising.
Puppy Sitters

Allyson, Olivia, & Hannah

1. Townsend (CC'd)

Nick's Puppies

1. Harlem (Trans./Breeder)

2. Cashmere (starter/CC'd)

3. Sugar (starter/Guide)

Nick & Elissa

​Nick & Elissa co-raised their last puppy.

1. Jayden (Guide)

2. Jonah (Guide)

3. Pauli (Trans./Guide)

4. Schroeder (CC'd)

5. Shep (CC'd)

6. Tori (Guide)

7. Sam (start/CC/SD)

8. Gia (K9 Buddy)

9. Chevelle (Trans./Guide)

10. Waffle (CC'd)

​11. Filly (CC'd)

12. Tanner (IFT)


Erin took a 4 year break while attending University in Scotland and raised 3 puppies for GDBA UK. She co-raises with Pete.


Dinuba FFA

11. Glow (IFT)

1. Jiggs (Guide)

2. Halsey ​(Guide)

3. Myra (CC'd)

4. Roxanne (Guide/Ret.)

​5. Halima (CC'd)

6. Hina (CC'd)

​7. Kalani (CC'd)

8. Ivana (CC'd)

9. Kinnear(CC'd)

10. Delores (CC'd - now Lucky)

Jenny & Jessica

They raised their first puppy with Fresno Far-Sighted.

1. McNew (CC'd)

2. ​Brock (CC'd)

3. Darwin (CC'd)

4. Wheeler (CC'd)

5. Bear (Trans./IFT)


She came to us from Tracy where she raised her first 3 puppies.

Clarice & Paul

Clarice & Paul raised their first and only puppy in Stanislaus County before moving to Fresno.

Puppy Sitters

1. Cinnamon (Trans./Guide/K9 Buddy)

1. Trilogy (CC'd)

2. Kona (CC'd)

3. Amber (CC'd)

4. Fiddle (CC'd)

5. Rosario (Trans./Guide/Ret.)

6. Holiday (Trans./CC'd)

7. Royalty (CC'd)

​8. Napa (CC'd)

Jillian, Shirin, & Zack

1. Schroeder (CC'd)

2. Shep (CC'd)

3. Tori (Guide)

4. Sam (starter/CC/SD)

5. Gia (K9 Buddy)

6. Chevelle (Trans./Guide)

7. Waffle (CC'd)

​8. Filly (CC'd)

9. Tanner (IFT)

10. Giuseppe (Trans./CC'd/PAVE)

11. Bear (starter/IFT)

​12. Dayla (IFT)

13. Brad (starter/PIT)

29. Snyder (CC'd)

30. Nevada (CC'd)

31. Galloway (CC'd)

32. Raquel (Starter - CC'd)

​33. Nestle (Guide)

34. Joaquin (CC'd)

35. Marv (CC'd)

36. Tinsel (Current PIT)

Hannah & Gretchen

1. Winston (Guide/Ret.)

2. ​Yiska (Breeder)

3.  Matthew (starter/CC'd)


Katlynn raised one puppy with PWAP before moving to Utah with her new hubby in 2010. They began raising with a local puppy club, A New Leash on Life, but are currently taking a break.

1. Vance (CC'd)

2. ​Zack (Guide/Ret.)

3. Chico (CC'd)

4. Kahn (CC'd)

5. Harley (CC'd)

6. Kermit (CC'd)

7. Newton (CC'd)

Mike & Dottie

Mike & Dottie raised two puppies with PWAP before moving to Nevada in 2009. They joined up with a new club there, Eyes for Tomorrow, and are still raising today.


Matt helps Alicia with her puppies

Club Volunteer

1. O'Neil (CC'd)

Brandon & Dawney

Louise, Stacy, & Bob

They raised puppies years ago in another group and are now volunteers with PWAP.
Puppy Sitters

1. Rockford (CC'd)

2. Teesha (CC'd)

Hannah & Barb

1. Titus (Guide/Retired)

2. Camino (Guide)

3. Jiminy (CC'd)

4. Gary (CC'd)

​5. Tank (IFT)

Nita & Kolby

Kolby began raising with Nita after they got married. His first official puppy was Jiminy.

1. Hank (Trans./CC'd)

2. Keno (Trans./Breeder)

3. Quinoa (CC'd/D4D)

Meghan (leader)

She co-raises with Emily.

15. Linda (CC'd)

16. Elsa (Guide)

17. Savannah (CC'd)

18. Selene (CC'd)

19. Pine (Guide)

20. Kobe (CC'd)

21. Claret (CC'd)

22. Bijou (CC'd)

23. Arkin (CC'd)

24. Niguel (CC'd)

25. Naples (Guide/Ret.)

26. Fergie (Guide/Ret.)

27. Selma (CC'd)

28. Saxon (Guide/Ret.) 

Far-Sighted Puppies with a Plan


Kerman FFA

11. Debra (Current PIT)


Dinuba FFA


Dinuba FFA

1. Hodges (Guide)

2. Ibiza (trans./CC'd)

3. Evora (CC'd)

4. Flower (Current PIT)

5. Tobias (Current PIT)

1. Ted (Trans./IFT)

1. Gabriel (Current PIT)

Eve, Jason, & Zeke


Male Black Cross


April 10, 2016

Raisers: Candie, Jillian, & Shirin

Marv was Candie's 35th & Jillian and Shirin's 3rd puppy. 

​Placed by his raisers; living in Fresno

1. Brad (Trans./PIT)

1. Jules (CC'd)

2. Fashion ​(Breeder)

3. Lenora (CC'd)

4. Gretch (Guide)

​5. Octavia (Guide)

6. Breanne (Guide)

​7. Tess (Breeder/Ret.)

8. Pescara (Guide/Ret./K9 Buddy)

9. Toffee (Breeder)

10. Elke (CC'd)

1. Haiku (Trans./PIT)

1. ​Tomales (CC'd)


Dinuba FFA

1. Mina (Trans./PIT)

Madison & family

1. Gazelle (Transfer/Guide)


He co-raises with Erin. 


Kerman FFA

14. Rampart (trans./IFT)

15. Kindred (trans./Current PIT)